DVD's - and online lessons

The DVD demonstrates how it is done  - they are priced at 40 each including postage in the UK (I will have to price individually for outside the UK) - not much more than the cost of one or two lessons ......... for more information on the contents of each DVD click here for DVD 1 and here for DVD 2 the heading click on click on each heading below for a more detailed description of each lesson ....

DVD 1  - essential for newcomers to organ playing                                                  

1 Introduction                                                                                                            

2 Structure of chords in the left hand                                                                        

3 Circle of Chords                                                                                                      

4 Quick method of identifying any diminished chord                                                

5 Playing a waltz                                                                                                        

6 Playing a quickstep                                                                                                 

7 Playing a slow foxtrot                                                                                             

8 Playing  a Tango                                                                                                      

9 Playing a Samba                                                                                                      

10 Playing a Cha Cha                                                                                                 

11 Playing a Beguine/Rhumba/Bossa Nova                                                      

12 Playing a Jazz Waltz                                                                                              

13 Playing in 5/4 time

14 Playing in 6/8 time

DVD 2  - for those who are competent with the basics and want to improve

15 Variations on basic pedal technique

16 More complicated chords

17 Modulation

18 Counter melodies

19 Introductions/breaks/fill ins and endings

20 Changing key within a piece

21 Changing rhythm within a piece

22 Syncopation

23 Ornamentation

24 Improvisation

25 Playing out of strict time and the use of swell pedal  


Note ....... Online lessons -- you cannot learn to play the organ by using books alone - organ teachers are now few and far between but my DVD's will show you how it is done - but if you are still having a problem then click here .....



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